What Is Spoon Engine?

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What Is Spoon Engine?

In the world of automotive enthusiasts, the pursuit of enhanced performance and driving pleasure is a constant endeavor. The Spoon Engine, developed by Spoon Sports, is a renowned engine tuning and modification company that has become synonymous with high-performance Honda vehicles. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of the Spoon Engine, its history, and its impact on the automotive world.

The Origins Of Spoon Sports:

Spoon Sports is a Japanese company founded in 1988 by Tatsuru Ichishima, a passionate automotive engineer. The company quickly gained recognition for its expertise in modifying and tuning Honda vehicles, earning a reputation for producing engines that pushed the limits of performance.

Understanding The Spoon Engine:

The Spoon Engine refers to a highly modified Honda engine built by Spoon Sports. The company specializes in extracting maximum power and performance from Honda engines while maintaining reliability and drivability. By combining meticulous engineering, extensive research, and top-quality components, Spoon Sports has elevated Honda engines to new levels of performance.

Key Features And Enhancements:

  1. Engine Components: The Spoon Engine encompasses various modifications to enhance power output and overall performance. These include high-flow intake and exhaust systems, upgraded camshafts, lightweight pistons and connecting rods, ported cylinder heads, and improved engine management systems. Each component is carefully selected and engineered to work together synergistically, optimizing performance across the entire rev range.
  2. Precision Tuning: One of the hallmarks of the Spoon Engine is the meticulous tuning and calibration process. Spoon Sports invests significant time and resources into dyno testing, fine-tuning air/fuel ratios, ignition timing, and other parameters to achieve optimal performance. This precision tuning ensures that the engine delivers enhanced power, improved throttle response, and smoother acceleration.
  3. Reliability and Durability: While maximizing performance, Spoon Sports maintains a strong focus on the reliability and durability of their engines. By using high-quality components, maintaining appropriate tolerances, and adhering to rigorous quality control processes, Spoon Sports creates engines that are not only powerful but also capable of withstanding the demands of spirited driving without compromising longevity.
  4. Track-Proven Performance: The Spoon Engine’s reputation has been solidified by its success on the racetrack. Spoon Sports has a rich history of motorsport involvement, with their engines powering numerous championship-winning Honda race cars. This track-proven performance is a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of the Spoon Engine in high-performance applications.


The Spoon Engine represents the pinnacle of Honda engine tuning and modification, delivering exceptional power, responsiveness, and reliability. Through the meticulous engineering and precision tuning efforts of Spoon Sports, Honda enthusiasts can experience enhanced performance and driving pleasure. The Spoon Engine has not only revolutionized the aftermarket tuning scene but has also left an indelible mark on the automotive world, garnering a dedicated following of enthusiasts seeking the ultimate driving experience.

As the legacy of Spoon Sports continues to grow, their commitment to pushing the boundaries of Honda performance ensures that the Spoon Engine remains a benchmark in the pursuit of automotive excellence. Whether on the streets or the racetrack, the Spoon Engine represents the epitome of performance engineering, embodying the spirit of driving enthusiasts worldwide.

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What Is So Special About Spoon Engines?

Spoon motors are exclusively built for racing purposes. They are used in circuit racing that is different from drag racing. The spoon units are all about a good amount of power without sacrificing longer lifespan and reliability because these are the requirements of circuit racing games.

What Is A Spoon Built Engine?

The Spoon engine is built to Spoon specifications and completely balanced. Each engine is given a unique serial number. Built to exceed the tolerance range of the Honda standard. The Spoon engine is built to Spoon specifications and completely balanced. Each engine is given a unique serial number.

Which Is Better Mugen Or Spoon?

From my research Mugen is a lot higher end quality with its intake and twin loop exhaust system but parts are hard to come by (live in the U.K.) and prices are much higher. However Spoon is a lot more readily available in the U.K. and has a lot more parts on offer but it isn’t Mugen quality.

What Is The Simplest Engine Ever?

In the 13th century, the solid rocket motor was invented in China. Driven by gunpowder, this simplest form of internal combustion engine was unable to deliver sustained power, but was useful for propelling weaponry at high speeds towards enemies in battle and for fireworks.

Is The K20 A Spoon Engine?

Spoon has prepared four kinds of engines for the DC5, CL7, FD2, and FN2 by using Honda brand-name parts (new engine) as a base for the K20A engine.

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