What Is A Po In Baseball?

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Baseball, often referred to as “America’s pastime,” is a sport with a rich history and a complex set of rules and terminology. One of the essential aspects of baseball is the role of the pitcher, whose performance on the mound can often determine the outcome of a game. In this blog post, we’ll explore an important statistic that helps assess a pitcher’s effectiveness: “Po” or “Picked Off.”

What Is A Po In Baseball?

Po, short for “Picked Off,” is a statistic in baseball that measures how often a pitcher successfully throws out or “picks off” a baserunner who is attempting to steal a base or take a lead from a base. The primary objective of a pickoff attempt is to prevent baserunners from advancing and potentially scoring runs.

Key Elements Of Po:

  • Timing: A successful pickoff requires precise timing. The pitcher must make a quick and accurate throw to a fielder positioned at the base where the baserunner is attempting to steal.
  • Strategy: Pickoff attempts are strategic moves by the pitcher and the defense. They aim to catch the baserunner off-guard, either as they take a lead or when they make a move toward the next base.
  • Execution: A successful pickoff involves not only the pitcher but also the fielder covering the base. The fielder must catch the ball and apply the tag to the baserunner before they can return to the base safely.
  • Variability: Pickoff attempts can target any base where a baserunner is leading. Common scenarios include pickoff attempts at first base and pickoff attempts at second base.

Importance Of Po In Baseball

  • Preventing Advancement: A successful pickoff can prevent a baserunner from advancing to the next base. This is crucial for the defensive team as it reduces the opponent’s scoring opportunities.
  • Changing Momentum: A well-executed pickoff can change the momentum of a game by thwarting the offensive team’s plans and disrupting their strategy.
  • Pitcher’s Arsenal: A pitcher with an effective pickoff move adds another dimension to their arsenal, making them more challenging for baserunners to read and react to.
  • Baserunner Management: For teams with strong pitching and effective pickoff moves, baserunners may be less inclined to take leads and attempt to steal bases, reducing the offensive team’s aggressiveness.

Statistics And Record-Keeping

Po is one of the many statistics tracked in baseball to evaluate player performance. It appears in a pitcher’s individual statistics as the number of successful pickoff attempts. Successful pickoffs are recorded as part of a pitcher’s overall effectiveness and are considered a valuable skill in the game.

Notable Pitchers With Impressive Po Statistics

Several pitchers throughout baseball history have been known for their exceptional pickoff moves. Some notable names include:

  • Andy Pettitte: The former New York Yankees pitcher was renowned for his deceptive pickoff move, which helped him record numerous pickoffs during his career.
  • Kenny Rogers: Rogers, a left-handed pitcher, was known for his quick and accurate pickoff move to first base, which earned him many successful pickoffs.
  • Steve Carlton: This Hall of Fame pitcher was not only known for his strikeouts but also for his ability to pick off baserunners with precision.


In the world of baseball, where strategy, precision, and timing are paramount, the statistic “Po” or “Picked Off” holds a special place in evaluating a pitcher’s performance. A successful pickoff can change the course of a game, prevent baserunners from advancing, and enhance the overall effectiveness of a pitching staff. It’s a testament to the multifaceted nature of baseball, where every aspect of the game, no matter how subtle, can have a significant impact on the final score and the team’s success.

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Does Po Stand For Pitcher Only?

Sometimes coaches will allow other positions to pitch an inning or two but if you are considered a pitching prospect you don’t hit or field or do anything else. You are a PO (Pitcher Only), and this even allows you a discounted rate on your summer team.

Does A Po In Baseball Hit?

PO stands for put out. For example if a ground ball is hit to the short stop and he throws batter out at first base, the SS gets credit for assist and the first baseman get credit for a PO. Another example of a PO Is when the catcher catches a 3rd strike on a batter.

What Is A Po In Baseball For Catchers?

A PO is a putout, a term used to describe when a fielder is directly responsible for completing an out. This can be stepping on the base for a force out, catching a batted ball during a play, tagging a runner, or catching a third strike.

What Does Tc And Po Mean In Baseball?

Putout (PO) Total Chances (TC)

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