What Is A Brad Folder?

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What Is A Brad Folder?

In the world of office supplies and organizational tools, there’s a diverse array of items designed to streamline workflow, enhance presentation, and keep documents neatly arranged. Among these are brad fasteners and folders, both serving distinct yet complementary roles in maintaining order and professionalism in various settings.

Brad Fasteners: Securing Documents With Precision

Brad fasteners, also known as paper fasteners or split pins, are small, two-pronged metal fasteners used to secure paper documents together. They consist of a head and two flexible prongs that are folded outwards to hold papers in place. Brad fasteners are particularly useful for securing multiple sheets of paper without the need for punching holes or using staples, allowing for easy removal and rearrangement of pages within a document.

Features And Applications Of Brad Fasteners

  • Convenience: Brad fasteners offer a convenient way to bind papers, creating a secure attachment while enabling easy access to individual pages.
  • Organization: They are commonly used in reports, presentations, legal documents, and other materials requiring secure binding without permanent attachment.
  • Flexibility: Brad fasteners allow for easy addition or removal of pages, offering flexibility in organizing and updating documents as needed.

Folders: Organizational Tools For Document Management

Folders, on the other hand, are organizational tools designed to hold and protect documents, papers, or materials. They come in various styles, including pocket folders, file folders, and presentation folders. Folders offer a structured way to categorize, store, and present documents, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

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Features And Applications Of Folders

  • Storage and Protection: Folders provide a secure enclosure for documents, protecting them from damage, dust, or loss.
  • Presentation: Presentation folders, in particular, are used to showcase materials in a professional and organized manner, often featuring pockets, flaps, or slots for business cards and other inserts.
  • Versatility: Folders are versatile tools used in offices, educational settings, conferences, and various professional environments to manage and present documents effectively.


Brad fasteners and folders play complementary roles in organizing, securing, and presenting documents. While brad fasteners facilitate the secure binding of papers without the need for punching holes, folders serve as protective enclosures that organize and showcase documents professionally.

Combining the convenience of brad fasteners with the organizational prowess of folders creates a seamless system for managing documents, ensuring they are both secure and presented in an orderly and professional manner.


Is A Brad Folder The Same As A Prong Folder?

With their durable construction and reliable brad placement, folders with brads in position 5 and 7 offer a practical solution for maintaining document integrity and order. Folders with prongs, also known as prong fastener folders, are designed with metal prongs or fasteners attached to the interior of the folder.

What Are Brads On A Notebook?

A brass fastener, butterfly clips, brad, paper fastener or split pin is a stationery item used for securing multiple sheets of paper together. A patent of the fastener was issued in 1866 to George W McGill.

What Is A Prong Folder?

Prongs secure hole-punched papers inside the folder and the pockets keep them neatly tucked away.

What Does Poly Folder Mean?

Poly folders are made from a strong, plastic resin that eschews weathering, tearing and staining.

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