What Channel Is MLB On DIRECTV?

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What Channel Is MLB On DIRECTV?

Baseball enthusiasts across the United States eagerly await the Major League Baseball (MLB) season every year. If you’re a DIRECTV subscriber and a fan of America’s favorite pastime, you might be wondering which channel broadcasts MLB games on DIRECTV. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the channels where you can catch the thrilling action of MLB games and enjoy a summer filled with home runs, strikeouts, and exciting plays.

MLB Network (Channel 213)

One of the primary channels to watch MLB games on DIRECTV is the MLB Network, which is typically available on Channel 213. MLB Network is a dedicated channel for baseball fans, offering an extensive lineup of live games, highlights, analysis, and in-depth coverage of the league. Whether you want to catch your favorite team’s games or stay updated on the latest league developments, MLB Network is your go-to channel.

Regional Sports Networks (Rsns)

To watch your local MLB team’s games, you’ll want to tune in to your area’s Regional Sports Network (RSN). These networks broadcast games for specific regions, so the channel number will vary depending on your location and the team you support. Popular RSNs that carry MLB games include:

  • FOX Sports (e.g., FOX Sports Midwest, FOX Sports Southwest)
  • NBC Sports (e.g., NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Bay Area)
  • SportsNet (e.g., SportsNet New York, SportsNet LA)
  • AT&T SportsNet (e.g., AT&T SportsNet Southwest, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh)

To find the channel number for your local RSN, you can visit the DIRECTV website, use the channel lineup tool, or consult your channel guide.

Espn And Espn2

While ESPN primarily covers a variety of sports, it also airs MLB games throughout the season. ESPN and ESPN2 feature nationally televised MLB matchups, including Sunday Night Baseball and various regular-season games. Check your DIRECTV channel guide for the specific channel numbers of ESPN and ESPN2 in your region.

Fox And Fs1

FOX and FS1 (FOX Sports 1) are other channels where you can catch MLB action. FOX typically broadcasts Saturday afternoon games, including the popular FOX Saturday Baseball Game of the Week. FS1, on the other hand, airs a variety of MLB games during the regular season and postseason. Consult your DIRECTV channel guide for the channel numbers of FOX and FS1 in your area.


DIRECTV offers a range of channels where you can enjoy the excitement of MLB games, from the dedicated MLB Network to regional sports networks, ESPN, FOX, and FS1. To find the specific channel numbers for these networks in your region, refer to your DIRECTV channel guide or use the online channel lineup tool. With the right channel at your fingertips, you’ll be all set to root for your favorite team and experience the magic of baseball all season long.

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How Can I Watch MLB On DIRECTV?

Use the app

  • Open the MLB.com At Bat app on your mobile device.
  • Select Go To Lite.
  • Pick a favorite team to customize and select Done.
  • Select Allow for location services, then choose MLB Network.
  • Select Play to start streaming.
  • Select DIRECTV STREAM from the provider list and select Continue.

What Channel Is MLB Play?

You can find most nationally televised MLB games on the following networks: ESPN, FOX, FS1, TBS, and the MLB Network. Each channel has its own selection of games. For example, FOX and FS1 have a contract to show at least two or three games every Saturday during the regular season.

What Is Tv Channel MLBn?

The MLB Network is an American television sports channel dedicated to baseball. It is primarily owned by Major League Baseball, with Warner Bros. Discovery through its sports unit, Comcast’s NBC Sports Group, Charter Communications, and Cox Communications having minority ownership.

Is MLB.Tv On Cable?

Yes, MLB.TV is included with MLB EXTRA INNINGS at no additional cost through most cable and satellite TV providers. The streaming service requires an internet connection speed of at least 1.8 Mbps to watch content in standard definition on certain devices.

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