Top 11 Books By Michael Connelly

If you will to read the books by Michael Connelly then you have reached the proper site. Michael Connelly is a best-selling American author of crime fiction and detective books. He is best known for writing two series of crime novels, one featuring LAPD detective Harry Bosch and the other featuring defense attorney Mickey Haller. His novels have been translated into 36 languages. His mother was interested in crime fiction and introduced Michael to the genre. Connelly became interested in crime one day when he saw a mysterious man dropping something into a hedge. In this post, we will look at the books by Michael Connelly.  

List Of 11 Books By Michael Connelly 

The following list mentioned the books by Michael Connelly in order by date of publication. 

  1. The Black Echo
  2. The Concrete Blonde
  3. The Last Coyote
  4. Blood Work
  5. Void Moon
  6. A Darkness More Than Night
  7. The Closers
  8. The Overlook
  9. Nine Dragons
  10. The Crossing
  11. Desert Star

Further lets find out more about Books By Michael Connelly

Top 11 Books By Michael Connelly 

From the above Michael Connelly books in order printable list, there are 11 books. Let’s get more details about them. 

  1. The Black Echo  

The Black Echo  1

The Black Echo is a book by Michael Connelly made into movies that were published in 1992 by Little, Brown, and Company. In this book, we learn about Harry’s activities as a tunnel rat during the Vietnam War and how the horrors of this underground hell helped him become a detective with a will to survive and a code of justice alone.

  1. The Concrete Blonde

The Concrete Blonde back

The Concrete Blonde is a novel by American crime author Michael Connelly that was published in 1994 by Little, Brown, and Company. A book featuring Los Angeles detective Hieronymus Harry Bosch. Detective Harry Bosch is chasing The Dollmaker, a serial killer who uses makeup to paint his victims.

  1. The Last Coyote 

The Last Coyote 

The Last Coyote is the fourth novel by Michael Connelly series by Harry Bosch that was published in 1995 by Little, Brown, and Company. Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch saw a lone coyote near his home in the hills near Los Angeles, and later dreamed of it and discussed it during a departmental essential therapy session.

  1. Blood Work

Blood Work

Blood Work book by Michael Connelly was published in 1997 by Little, Brown. In Blood Work, Michael Connelly introduced a new character named Terry McCaleb, who was high up in the FBI until he retired early due to a heart attack.

  1. Void Moon

Void Moon 2

Void Moon is a book by author Michael Connelly that was published in 1999 by Little, Brown, and Company. Cassie Black is an ex-convict who works at a Porsche dealership. After a terrifying night that destroys her and someone close to her, she walks away from her life as a criminal.

  1. A Darkness More Than Night 

A Darkness More Than Night

A Darkness More Than Night was published by Little, Brown, and Company in 2000 and written by Michael Connelly book in order amazon. Terry is approached by a Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy for some help with a pending murder case involving a gruesome murder scene.

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  1. The Closers

The Closers

The Closers book was published in 2005 by Little, Brown publisher. The novel features Bosch’s return to the omniscient third-person narrative style after the first two stories were told from the first-person point of view during his retirement.

  1. The Overlook

The Overlook

The Overlook book by Michael Connelly was published in 2007 by Little, Brown, and Orion. In this book, a doctor is killed while using dangerous radioactive material upstream of Mulholland Dam.

  1. Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons

The Crossing book by Michael Connelly was published by Ulverscroft Large Print Books in 2016. Detective Harry Bosch has retired from the LAPD, but his half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, needs his help.

  1. Fair Warning 

Fair Warning

Fair Warning book by Michael Connelly is a thriller story that was published in 2020 by Little and Brown. The story is told in first-person narration from McAvoy’s perspective, however, it occasionally switches to third-person following Marshall Hammond and his rival, The Shrike.

  1. Desert Star 

Desert Star

Do you know which is the latest book Michael Connelly published?

Desert Star is from the newest book by Michael Connelly and was published in 2022 by Allen & Unwin. In this book, LAPD detectives Renee Ballard and Harry Bosch team up to track down a brutal killer named Bosch’s White Whale, who is responsible for murdering an entire family.

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What Is Considered Michael Connelly’s Best Book?

The Lincoln Lawyer. Finally, at the top of our list as the best Michael Connelly book is The Lincoln Lawyer. This is the first Mickey Haller novel, and it has twice the number of ratings as our book in the #3 spot with nearly 215,000 ratings on Goodreads.

How Many Strike Novels Are Planned?

Rowling, published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The story chronicles the cases of private detective Cormoran Strike and his partner Robin Ellacott. Six novels in the series have so far been published. Rowling stated after the third book that she has plans for at least another ten.

What Is The Age Difference Between Ross And Demelza?

Ross is 10 years her senior. In the books, they had a father-daughter dynamic until Demelza turned 17, four years after Ross took her as a helper.

What Is The Latest In The Bosch Books?

LAPD detective Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch work together to hunt the killer who is Bosch’s “white whale”—a man responsible for the murder of an entire family.

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Does It Matter What Order You Read Michael Connelly Books?

Harry Bosch is not just a character in Michael Connelly books; he is an entire world worth discovering. So reading Michael Connelly books in order is highly recommended.

Which Author Is Most Like Michael Connelly?

If you like Michael Connelly, then here is a list of similar authors

  • Barre, Richard.
  • Rankin, Ian.
  • Turow, Scott.
  • Child, Lee.
  • Sandford, John.
  • Pelecanos, George P.
  • Kellerman, Jonathan.
  • Larsson, Stieg.

Is Michael Connelly Done With Harry Bosch?

On November 7th, 2023, Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller are back in Resurrection Walk, the highly-anticipated new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly.

Is The Bosch Book Series Over?

Well, Michael Connelly’s 2023 novel has just been announced. It will be RESURRECTION WALK and will feature both Micky Haller and Harry Bosch (yes!). Here is the plot summary: Defense attorney Mickey Haller is back, taking the long shot cases, where the chances of winning are one in a million.


Today we discussed a nice article about the American author Michael Connelly’s books. The author writes many books in his writing career but I share only 11 of them. I will transmit with you some unique details about Michael Connelly. Also, I represent here some necessary data about the book such as who is the publisher of the book and which year the book was printed. You saw here briefly what is the story of the book. I desire you appreciate reading this article and you can choose the right books by Michael Connelly for reading.  

What is considered Michael Connelly best book

What are the best Michael Connelly books?

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