Top 6 Books By David Shannon

Which are the Top 6 Books By David Shannon? David Shannon is a well-known children’s book author and illustrator who has been creating beloved stories for over 30 years. His colorful and imaginative illustrations, coupled with witty storytelling, have captivated young readers around the world. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of David Shannon’s most popular books.

List Of 6 Books By David Shannon

Do you know 6 Books By David Shannon? Here we have prepared the list of the top 6 Books By David Shannon.

  1. “No, David!”
  2. “A Bad Case Of Stripes”
  3. “How I Became A Pirate”
  4. “Duck On A Bike”
  5. “Jangles: A Big Fish Story”
  6. “Alice The Fairy”

Top 6 Books By David Shannon

Today I have 6 Books By David Shannon here for you

  1. “No, David!”

No, David

Published in 1998, “No, David!” was Shannon’s first book as both author and illustrator. The story follows a young boy named David who is always getting into trouble, but ultimately learns the importance of following the rules. The book has become a classic and has since been followed by two sequels, “David Goes to School” and “David Gets in Trouble”.

  1. “A Bad Case Of Stripes”

A Bad Case Of Stripes

In “A Bad Case of Stripes”, published in 1998, Shannon tells the story of a girl named Camilla Cream who loves lima beans but is afraid of being different from her peers. When she wakes up one day covered in stripes, she must learn to embrace her uniqueness. The book has been praised for its message of self-acceptance and individuality.

  1. “How I Became A Pirate”

How I Became A Pirate

Published in 2003, “How I Became a Pirate,” tells the story of a young boy named Jeremy Jacob who joins a group of pirates on their adventures. The book is filled with humor and swashbuckling action, making it a favorite among young readers.

  1. “Duck On A Bike”

Duck On A Bike

In “Duck on a Bike”, published in 2002, Shannon tells the story of a duck who discovers a bike and decides to take it for a spin around the farm. The book is filled with humorous illustrations and a simple, yet engaging storyline that makes it a perfect read for young children.

  1. “Jangles: A Big Fish Story”


Published in 2002, “Jangles: A Big Fish Story” follows a young boy named Ned who sets out to catch a legendary fish named Jangles. The book is filled with vivid illustrations and a heartwarming story that teaches children the importance of perseverance and determination.

  1. “Alice The Fairy”

Alice The Fairy

In “Alice the Fairy”, published in 2004, Shannon tells the story of a young girl who discovers she has magical powers and uses them to help her friends. The book is filled with charming illustrations and a whimsical story that encourages imagination and creativity in young readers.

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What Is David Shannon Famous For?

David Shannon is the internationally acclaimed creator of more than 30 picture books, including No, David!, a Caldecott Honor Book and his second New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year, and four more David picture books. Shannon’s bestsellers include A Bad Case of Stripes, Duck on a Bike, and Too Many Toys.

What Is No, David Based On?

Background. When author David Shannon was 5 years old, he wrote a story about a little six-year-old boy (named David) doing all sorts of things he was not supposed to do. “No” and “David” were the only words that appeared throughout the book, as they were the only words Shannon knew how to spell at that age.

What Does No, David Teach?

The story teaches discipline and proper behavior. As the author notes in the introduction, Educational Themes: The book offers plenty of ‘projection’ and gives parents a way of teaching discipline, behavior and manners in a way that it doesn’t sound like it’s Mommy/Daddy saying ‘no’ all the time.

What Is The Meaning Of A Bad Case Of Stripes?

being true to oneself

A Bad Case of Stripes highlights the theme of being true to oneself and is commonly used by educators to teach young students important values. Amongst some negative responses, this children’s book is also praised for its creativity, illustrations, and meaningful lessons.

Does David Shannon Illustrate His Own Books?

Eventually, Shannon began to write and illustrate his own stories, including the popular titles No, David!, Duck on a Bike, and A Bad Case of Stripes.


In conclusion, David Shannon’s books are a beloved and essential part of children’s literature. His colorful illustrations and engaging stories have captivated young readers for decades, teaching important lessons about individuality, self-acceptance, and perseverance. Whether it’s “No, David!” or “Duck on a Bike”, his books continue to inspire and delight children all over the world.

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