Top 4 Books By Chad Daybell

Which Are the Books By Chad Daybell? Chad Daybell is an American author who has written several books in the genres of suspense, thriller, and religious fiction. He is best known for his work in the Latter-Day Saints (LDS) community, having written many books that incorporate his religious beliefs and experiences. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of Chad Daybell’s most notable books.

List Of 4 Books By Chad Daybell

Do you know 4 Books By Chad Daybell? Here we have prepared the list of the top 4 Books By Chad Daybell.

  1. One Foot in the Grave
  2. The Emma Trilogy
  3. The Times of Turmoil
  4. The Great Gathering

Top 4 Books By Chad Daybell

Today I have 4 Books By Chad Daybell here for you

  1. “One Foot in the Grave” – 

One Foot in the Grave

“One Foot in the Grave” is a thrilling novel that follows the story of Michael, a man who is on the run from the law after being falsely accused of murder. The novel takes the reader on a gripping journey as Michael tries to clear his name and evade the authorities. The book incorporates Daybell’s religious beliefs, as Michael turns to prayer and faith to guide him through his ordeal.

  1. “The Emma Trilogy” – 

The Emma Trilogy

“The Emma Trilogy” is a series of three novels that are based on the life of Emma Hale Smith, the wife of the founder of the LDS Church, Joseph Smith. The novels explore Emma’s life and her struggles as a woman in the early days of the LDS Church. The trilogy is an excellent choice for those interested in religious fiction and historical fiction.

  1. “The Times of Turmoil” – 

The Times of Turmoil

“The Times of Turmoil” is a collection of short stories that explores the themes of faith and redemption. The stories are set in different time periods and locations, but all focus on characters who must overcome challenges and adversity to find peace and happiness. The book is a great choice for those who enjoy uplifting stories that offer a message of hope and inspiration.

  1. “The Great Gathering” – 

The Great Gathering

“The Great Gathering” is a religious fiction novel that imagines a future where the LDS Church has grown to become a global religion. The book explores the concept of a “great gathering” of LDS believers from all over the world and the challenges they face as they come together. The book is a great choice for those interested in religious fiction and speculative fiction.

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What Happened To Chad Daybell’s Children?

Months after vanishing into thin air, their bodies were found buried in Daybell’s backyard outside of Rexburg, Idaho.

Where Is Chad Daybell Now?

As per Deseret News, Chad Daybell is waiting out the days until his trial at Fremont County Prison in Idaho. The couple, who tied the knot in November 2019, weeks after Tammy’s sudden death, were charged with murder after authorities found human remains on Chad Daybell’s property in June 2020.

How Tall Is Chad Daybell?

Chad Daybell is 6′ 3″ tall. 

Who Is Heather Daybell?

Heather Daybell is the wife of Chad Daybell’s brother, Matt.

Who Is Zulema Pastenes?

Zulema Pastenes, widow of Lori Vallow’s brother, takes the stand in Idaho trial. We heard more disturbing testimony from another key witness in the Lori Vallow trial.


In conclusion, Chad Daybell is an accomplished author whose work explores a range of themes and genres. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling suspense novel or a religious fiction story, his books offer something for everyone. With his unique perspective and engaging storytelling, Chad Daybell has become a popular author in the LDS community and beyond.

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